Steal The Show - Ice Cube

[Ice Cube]
Yeah, Steal The Show baby

[Ice Cube]
Ima have to ride the ride the ride
Til' I find a girl to slip inside
Ice Cube aint never been shot
Aint never got got, up in the parking lot
N_gga, Scott Storch will bang the instrumental
South Central here comes the presidential
Pull up jump out the lowrider
A real lyricist n_gga f_ck a ghostrider
Dance baby im your provider
Yous a fly girl b_tch ima spider
Im on that ass like please leave me alone
A few drinks you like please follow me home
I just hope you aint 5150
Thats a crazy hoe even though she pretty
Ice Cube only one el loco
With the volco put your ass in a chold hold
Stone cold oh yeah f_ck the Broncos
Raider down, everybody better lay it down
Think im P.G. you must got a squeegy
Are you crazy, down since eazy

Here, shoulders, knees and toes
Work that p_ssy across the flo'
Shake that body, Steal The Show
Ice Cube b_tch im about to blow (Lets go)
Im about to do it like this here
Walk over spit game in this b_tch ear
Let her know my name and I got it right here
Girl you know the game can I get a volunteer
Im about to do it like this here
Walk over spit game in this b_tch ear
Let her know my name and I got it right here
Plus a pound of weed do I got a volunteer

[Ice Cube]
Goin once goin twice
A n_gga nice when I turn off the lights
Tell your friends yo f_ck they advice
Cause some time them hoes act like dykes
Cock blockers, pull out your mouth piece
Game over, we up in the range rover
Wake up in the morning with a hangover
Roll over do the whole damn thang over
Ima roller, took her ass back where I drove her
And we still aint sober, motherf_cker it still aint hova
Its the super nova, n_ggas been doin over
Ice Cube been rappin since 84'
About the c_caine streets and the po'-po'
Introduce you to my 6-4 low-low
Yeah the one the just pulled out the mo-mo


[Ice Cube]
Punks jump up to get beat down
Daddy home motherf_cker put your feet down
Jump up yall better clean up
Cause I might done pull out this nina
Put your cups up boy if you f_cked up
And you got the baddest b_tch up in the club
Put your cups up even if she ugly
And it look like the b_tch play rugby
We could take me anywhere where the thugs be
When they see me motherf_ckers wanna hug me
Its all love cuz, its all love blood
Its all love when them n_ggas thrownin up the dub
Its all love with the brown and they yellow man
Cause a n_gga got money like the jello man
Mo money, yo money, hoe money
Mama didnt raise no dummy learn from me
Cause I could flip sh_t fast as bisquick
Mr. B_tterworth take it for what its worth
I got them low lows flat like pancakes
Sippin on syzzurp F_ck what ya hizzerd

[Ice Cube]
Steal The Show baby

[Mike Epps]
You know a lot of these b_tches need an antibiotic
Moxacillin, Penicillin, something with a slin' in it
They want a sugar daddy, they want a man on a fixed income
They want man where they can come over to the old mans house
And go in the back porch and get $30 or $40 every here and there
And get in they honda and ride on off

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