Stop Snitchin' - Ice Cube

[Ice Cube]
Ice Cube (yeah!) Callin from a California state penitentiary
(Let me out this motherf_cker)
We got over two million motherf_ckers locked up
(Let me out this motherf_cker) Stop snitchin

Now how many MC's must get booed
Before somebody say don't f_ck with Cube (you know!)
I'll strip you nude (b_tt-ass) in your living room
Face down, paralyzed from the waist down
I'm a buckin clown, but don't f_ck around
Doin movies now, but I'll lay you down
South Central style, pull them thangs out
Don't make a millionare have to send you there
You know the story of the tortoise n_gga and the hare
N_gga run n_gga run never get there
I'ma walk, f_ck a b_tch when I get there
N_gga this a marathon, ask Farrakhan
F_ck the cemetery that I'm buried on (f_ck 'em)
The blood of Ice Cube got to carry on (forever)
Forever what the f_ck are they yellin?
"Gangsta Gangsta," n_gga stop tellin - stop snitchin

You can have whatever you want
In the hood, it's do's and don'ts
So when it get hot in this kitchen
Stop snitchin, n_gga stop snitchin

[Ice Cube]
Microphone master, super rhyme maker
Gun blaster, who's the life taker (who?)
Who the f_ck is a lifetime Laker?
I slap the Maybeline off Tammy Faye Baker
Who the f_ck got more than an acre?
In Los Angeles I got to have paper
I'm a n_gga, don't talk to my neighbors
Straight asshole, always up in Vegas (yay yay)
Lay it out for these n_ggaz to follow
Get the point, but these points is hollow
Now this here, is hard to swallow
But if you do it's like hittin the lotto
Little n_gga with big bravado
Hit the throttle n_ggaz hit the bottle
Can give a f_ck if they life is hollow
Where the f_ck was you, when I rocked the Apollo, b_tch?

Ay, who put this thing together? Me, that's who
Who I trust? Who I trust? ME, THAT'S WHO!

N_gga n_gga n_gga, can't you see
Somehow your words incarcerate me
Float like a b_tterfly, sting like a bee
Lock me up in my prime, Muhammad Ali
Get out whup yo' ass like Muhammad Ali
Rumble in the Jungle, n_gga don't play Dumbo
In the hood n_gga known as Columbo
Get the people on the phone, tell the jumble
Spit fluid and swear he didn't do it
Got my bottom b_tch locked up with Martha Stewart
She say she had the hoe cookin deep dish
She say Martha f_ckin cook fish and eat fish
Westside y'all n_ggaz got to peep this
That's your weakness, can't keep a secret
Don't say sh_t, boy that's basic
They want to send a n_gga back to the slave ship
Stop snitchin


[New Chorus]
You can have whatever you choose
But out here, it's don'ts and do's
So after we finish this mission
Stop snitchin, n_gga stop snitchin

[SB] Okay, okay

[Swizz Beatz: repeat 4X]
One two, in the place to be
You rockin with Ice Cube, and the homey Swizz Beatz

{Keep your f_ckin mouth shut man}

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