The Game Lord - Ice Cube

[Ice Cube:]
I love chrome and paint, lookin for some motherf_ckin corners to bank
West coast what the f_ck you thank?
Everybody here off weed and drank (everybody)
Before you check my rims
When you leave the parking lot, check ya limbs
You better check ya friends
And see if ya baby momma left with them
Blacks and Mexicans - stop all that bullsh_t in the pen
Understand that is us verse them
They can give a f_ck if we sink or swim
They give us guns and drugs
Then wonder why in the f_ck we thugs
I got to show my ass
To thank these motherf_ckers for my past
In South Central, Los Angeles - Grandmama smoke cannabis
Granddaughter wanna dance and sh_t, her own momma can't stand the b_tch

[Hook - Ice Cube 2x:]
If you f_ckin up, pray to the game lord
Wanna bust a nut? Pray to the game lord
N_gga get ya cup, pray to the game lord
You can throw it up, pray to the game lord

[Ice Cube:]
I love where I from, hungry ass n_ggaz better get you some
Smart ass n_ggaz play dumb
Y'all can't f_ck with the city I run
If I snap my fingers, better curl up just like a fetus
I hope you know Jesus
Because if you don't, boy you will see us
Where? Up in your house, two double barrels up in your mouth
You got some 'splainin to do
And don't get the line 'cause we aiming at you
(Ewww!) It's a doggy dog world baby, you a nut and I'ma squirrel baby
Can I get ya in my world baby?
Can ya grease my Jheri curl baby?
Did you flip yo' wig
To let Michael Jackson baby sit yo' kids?
That n_gga old as hell
They need to throw the motherf_ckin momma in jail
Let 'em know

[Hook 2x]

[Break 2x:]
F_ck wit this if you want to, the game lord will punish you
Punish us if we ain't true, to the game like we 'pose to

[Ice Cube:]
I'm the game lord, y'all come now
Casanova n_ggaz, got the sun down
Run down every hoe that wanna go shoppin
Get they kids, take 'em to the mall, buy 'em somethin
Are you a gentleman?
Big bear wit a n_gga named Gentle Ben
Ladies, he'll be yo' friend
Wait for the cable guy - even let him in
Not me, I won't flex or bend
Just 'cause a hoe promise me some trim
You better get wit the rest of them
'cause can't none of y'all even f_ck wit Kim
Some n_ggaz was born wit hoe in 'em
I was put on this Earth to spit ism
And I shall return like it's written
And slay all the s_ckers who be sippin

[Hook 2x]

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