The Nigga Trapp - Ice Cube

[Intro - various dialogue]
Now that's how this sh_t go!
And I know you don't like me spittin in your motherf_ckin face
But ain't a motherf_ckin thing, you can do, about a n_gga
Punk motherf_cker!

Some people may say well, you overdramatized it
No we're not - it's not a drama workshop, it is a reality
Things like that do take place in prisons
The murders, the suicides, as well as the rapes
Do take place inside these human warehouses

[Ice Cube]
N_gga I'm a hustler, act like I'm lovin ya
Don't mind f_ckin ya, just like the Governor
Used to be the dope man, rolled a hundred spokes man
When I come through, treat me like the Pope man
Ghetto spokesman, I know n_ggaz
in Eastside Oakland all the way to Brook-lyn
And they love my sh_tty drawers, what you smokin?
Think you got the balls, n_gga I'm a Trojan
Catchin all that just like a prophylac'
Don't reproduce, that bullsh_t is whack
Flavor Flav with a white b_tch that is whack
Got to put the n_gga back in my Cadillac
Take him to the hood, where it's action packed
Let him know that the target's still on his back
It's a hustle called capitalism
Got my n_ggaz in prison, all stuck in the system yeah
Recognize who's a hustler, George Dubya
He's the one that's sittin back, f_ckin ya
With a big d_ck stuck in ya
I'm from a place where the f_ckin Terminator is the Governor

(I got a Public Pretender.. tryin to make me a winner)
(N_gga please don't surrender.. they'll have you for dinner)

[Chorus: Ice Cube]
The ghetto is a n_gga trap, take the cheese
Soon as you do it here come the police
Invented and designed fo' us to fail
Where you gon' end up, dead or in jail

[Ice Cube]
You only got two places
State of California, got two faces
Motherf_ckin devils, get straight racist
When they get you in them lonely dark places
Concrete slave ships, never move
Where n_ggaz like us get used like a mule
Don't let 'em catch you, arrest you
Strip and undress you, throw you in a cesspool
You wanna know the crime of the century
A ghetto elementary, a mental penitentiary
Black man, you never been friend of me
Boy you kin to me, why we enemies?
The ghe-tto is a trap
F_ck where you from, n_gga look where you at
Where you wanna be? Point it out on a map
Don't be scared to leave homey, we can come back
If you wanna come back to this bullsh_t
Most of it comin straight out the pulpit
We got to change our ways in the hood
Understand that it's AIDS in the hood...

The n_gga trap... [echoes for a bit]

[Chorus - 2X]

(I got a Public Pretender.. tryin to make me a winner)
(N_gga please don't surrender.. they'll have you for dinner)
[fades out]

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