The Peckin' Order - Ice Cube feat Mack 10

"In the deep and dark bowels of the underworld,
order must be maintained.
Without a strict and unforgiving chain of command,
chaos is inevitable."

[Ice Cube]
Whassup youngsta?
Since you the new booty, and don't know nothin,
I got to show you bout the peckin order
It's the order in how we do things and move things
See, somebody gon' tell you what to do
after I tell that motherf_cker what to do

It's the peckin order [echo]
It's the peckin order [echo]

We got the power to make you n_ggaz sour
Big fish whale like Ichikowa, steppin out the shower
It's the peckin order, ask ya daugther how we peck
Inspect, high class ass to projects
Push my Lex through the California rain, gutter lane
Infamous schemes on the brain
for my connect gang, put a strain on every link
in our chain, that's right - we all get arraigned
Takin sworn notes to makin c-notes
Knowin all the while that bullsh_t floats and n_ggaz don't
So n_gga don't - gangsta paradise ain't nuttin nice
Yeah we livin so trife we need Je-sus in our life

[Chorus: Ice Cube, Mack 10]

It's the peckin order
It's the order how we do things
and move things, only f_ck with the true things

[Ice Cube]
Havin heavy intercourse with the world of depression
Messin with the wrong b_tches never learn our lesson
Stressin, no guessin, never question
Even when we playin, we testin, confession
Do you still wanna meet where the killers eat?
Held accountable for anythang you repeat
It's the peckin order, ask your daughter how we peck
When we smoke you, it's your best friend you suspect


[Mack 10]
Now c'mon, come on potnah, c'mon (it's the peckin order)
F_ck that, I don't wanna hear none of that sh_t man
All that cryin and beggin and sh_t
To be honest wit you that sh_t really don't even
affect me in no kind of way potnah
You wastin your muthaf_ckin time (it's the peckin order)
Let's get this sh_t goin, let's get it over with
C'mon back here, back here
I can't make no motherf_ckin mess right here
Check this out homie, make it easy on yourself
I know you want a motherf_ckin open casket
where your peoples can see you and kiss on you
but you gon' piss me off
and I'ma blow noodles out your motherf_ckin head
and ain't none of that happenin after that
So, c'mon back here, c'mon, right - c'mon, ay
But you know, one more thing before I do this [BLAM!!]

[Ice Cube]
It's the peckin order [echo]
It's the peckin order [echo]
It's the peckin order [echo]

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