When Will They Shoot? - Ice Cube

"Stalkin.. walkin in my big black boots" [Brother J]
[repeat 2X]

[Ice Cube]
God damn, another f_ckin payback with a twist
Them motherf_ckers shot but the punks missed
Ice Cube is out-gunned, what is the outcome?
Will they do me like Malcolm?
Cause I bust styles, new styles, standin - strong!
While, others +Run+ a +Hundred Miles+
But I never run, never will
Deal with the devil with my motherf_ckin steel - BOOM!
Media try to do me
But I was a Boy-N-the-Hood before the movie, yeah
Call me n_gga, bigger than a spook
But you the one that voted for Duke, motherf_cker
White man, is somethin I tried to study
But I got my hands bloody, yeah
They said I could sing like a Jaybird
But n_gga, don't say the J-word
I thought they was buggin
cause to us Uncle Sam, is Hitler without an oven
Burnin our black skin
Buy my neighborhood - then push the crack in
Doin us wrong from the first day
And don't understand why a n_gga got an AK
Callin me an African-American
like everything is fair again, sh_t
Devil, you got to get the sh_t right I'm black
Blacker than a trillion midnights
+Don't Believe the Hype+ was said in '88
by the great Chuck D, now they're tryin to f_ck me
".. with +No Vaseline+
Just a match and a little bit of gasoline.." - HUH!
It's a great day for genocide (What's that?)
That's the day all the n_ggaz died
They killed JFK in '63
So what the f_ck you think they'll do to me?
But I'm the O.G. and I bust back (boom boom)
Bust back (Boom boom!) peel a cap (BOOM BOOM!)
Gimme room in the fire of the sun
Here the mack come, here the black come, watch Jack run!
Motherf_ckers can't gank me
F_ck a devil, f_ck a rebel, and a yankee
Overrun and put the Presidency
After needin that, I'm down wit O.P.P., yeah
I met Farrakhan and had dinner
And you ask if I'm a five-percenter, well...
No, but I go where the brothers go
Down with Compton Mosque, Number 54
Made a little dough, still got a sister on my elbow
Did Ice Cube sell out? You say, "Hell no!"
A black woman is my manager, not in the kitchen
So could you please stop b_tchin?

"Stalkin.. walkin in my big black boots" [Brother J]
[Cube] Yeah, yeah..
"But when will they shoot?"
"Stalkin.. walkin in my big black boots" [Brother J]
[Cube] Yeah, yeah..
"But when will they shoot?"
.. [automatic gunfire]

[Ice Cube]
You missed, and didn't hit Da Lench Mob either
"Guerillas in the Mist.." without Jungle Fever
But I got the fever for the flava of a cracker
Not a Pringle, bust the single, here's my new jingle
"Stalkin.. walkin in my big black boots"
The KKK has got three-piece suits
Using n_ggaz like turkey shoots
My motto is +Treat 'Em Like a Prostitute+
Now if I say no violence, devil, you won't respect mine
F_ck the dumb sh_t - and get my Tec-9
And if they approach us
A-ight, a-ight - I bury those cockroaches
And if you can't deal with my +Kill at Will+
Here's a new gift to get - try my +Death Certificate+
+Amerikkka's Most+, Amerikkka's burnt - it's like toast
Like Jordan, I'm goin coast to coast
Dribblin the funk here comes the n_gga
with the motherf_ckin monster dunk, get off me punk!
"Jordan.. watch Jordan,
aiyyo yo watch Jordan .. YES!"
"You better eat your Wheaties" [M.J.]

"Stalkin.. walkin in my big black boots" [Brother J]
[Cube] Yeah, yeah..
"But when will they shoot?"
"Stalkin.. walkin in my big black boots" [Brother J]
[Cube] Yeah, yeah..
"But when will they shoot?"

[Ice Cube]
Darryl Gates got the studio surrounded
Cause he don't like the n_ggaz that I'm down with
Motherf_cker wanna do us
Cause I like Nat, Huey, Malcolm, and Louis
Most got done by a black man's bullet
Give a trigger to a n_gga and watch him pull it
Negro assass-in
I'ma dig a ditch, b_tch, and throw yo' ass in
When they shoot, no, it won't be a cracker
They use somebody much blacker
What I do? I called up the Geto Boy(s) crew
Cause +My Mind's Playing Tricks On Me+ too
Never died, surround my crib
and F.O.I. makin sure nobody creep when I sleep
Keep a 9 millimeter in my Jeep - PEEP!
When I roll, I gots to roll deep
Ain't goin out cheap
Met the MADD Circle on Cypress Hill cause it's so steep
They'll never get me, they'll never hit me
Motherf_ck that sh_t J-Dee
Now I'm relaxed
Grab the St. Ide's brew so I can max
Sittin by the window cause it's so f_ckin hot
and then I heard a shot - boom.

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