Dark City - Iced Earth

This place is dark and grey
Uneasy, I feel torn apart
My mind is clouded and blurred
This cry is interchanging

Sacrifice memories past
Unaware of what I've become

Constant changes are imploring me
Search my mind, look for the answers
Finding nothing but this fear in me
Immersing myself in his feeling
Realizing I am not alone
They are watching people changing
Unconsciously twisting memory
Gathering our human feeling

Experimenting, to understand the human soul
Endangered they'll fade away
The wont deceive me
They'll never take my soul away
Their life from fades

Fill our heads with false identity
Synchronizing our confusion
Using the dead for their own need
Parasitic infestation
Imprisonment in celestial space
Unlocking the human life force
Escaping their grasp now we are free
Their objective failed unknowing

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