Equilibrium - Iced Earth

Inject and suppress the human feeling
Love, hate, and sorrow leads us to eradication
Mankind survives, to see another lifetime
What is the final price our people will be paying'

Our lives so colorless and ruled with false devotion
Destroying anything that triggers our emotion
The enemy is one who feels the world around them
Interrogated, now they're facing their own judgement

Destroying our stimuli
Force us too defy all that is human
The serum keeps us pacified
Stand to feel alive
Our instinct will take over

Annihilation of our feeling
Emancipation our minds healing
Determination defines existence
Eradicate with our resistance

If people awake they'll be free from this daydream
Human instinct will break through and keep us feeling
We will not medicate, their grasp will surely crumble
Take back humanity and devastate their power

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