Bac 2 Tha Future (My Time) - Iggy Azalea


I got twenty racks on my new jeans, I got ten more in my blue jeans
I walk in and I turn up, pimp tight like I'm permed up
I heard broke b_tches talkin' like they rollin' like us
Man, these b_tches sound shermed up
These b_tches be mad at us because these b_tches so down to f_ck
Cl-cl-claim that sh_t, I can bang that sh_t
F_ck me, f_ck a team, I'mma train that b_tch
I hope you ain't wife that b_tch 'cause I know a couple homies that'll pipe that b_tch
Lifestyle flashin' like a Nikon pic
And your b_tch chose me 'cause you walk out with
My ass thick, and my drinks mixed, say I'm sick, I say "No sh_t"
Better fo' drip, and that's a fo' sip and all my flows is slow piff
Closed case, I'm killin' sh_t, heard your flow, I'm not feelin' sh_t
My brand right and I'm on one
And these b_tches don't want none
These b_tches don't want none [x2]

I shine bright 'cause I grind
B_tches hate, I don't mind
My heart's in it, I'm authentic, it's clear to see it's my time

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