Dirt in Your Pussy Ass B!Tch (Intro) - Iggy Azalea

(Dirt in her p_ssy ass b_tches)
Alright, how's everybody doing? (F_ck you)
How y'all doing? I'm Starfish, thank you
(...music b_tch! hey baby, don't listen to him hey)
Thank you, yea, ok I got somethin'...
I got a lil' poem to share with y'all
It's called "Dirt in Your P_ssy Ass B_tch" (uh?)
Y'all ready? (uhh, yea)

"Hotel room
In every city
Panties fall to the floor
Bend you over
Arch your back
Pull your hair
Yeah, you like that
Dirt in your p_ssy ass b_tch
This is your fifth flight in a month
No cash, just d_ck in your palms
Louis Fakes under you arms
Ignored calls from your moms
Dirt in your p_ssy ass b_tch"

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