Flexin' & Finessin' - Iggy Azalea feat Juicy J

Flexin and Finessin
Flexin and Finessin
Ain't got no time for stressing
I'm just flexin and finessing

[Iggy Azalea:]
Okay now, Big dollars I been gettin.
This my world boy I been sh_ttin
These bad b_tches? I'm friends with em
They bow down and let my friends hit em
Like got damn. this Tight Gold sh_t!
You ridin' round in my old whip
Me? Trapgold 1st? Black hood
He gotta double cup, and pour that good
I got racks to play, you on my tip.
You just window shop and don't by sh_t!
I gotta pearl handle, don't try sh_t.
And to these haters please stay up off my d_ck
I got cartiers on my eye lids. And these princesses on my wrist
How the f_ck could you say it ain't fly b_tch!?
I'm so fresh to death I just died b_tch!
Now clap clap for me. Go ahead girl bring it back back for me
Pull my cash out my let her lap dance for it
F_ck around and bust a band no black jack on it
Call me iggy Iigs I'm on trippy sh_t
I like whitneys hips. I like britneys tits
I want em both to strip I'm on pippin sh_t
And since I can't pick? We'll do a switchy switch, word


[Juicy J:]
Let's go!
I was counting cash with the money machine
She giving me head then coming outta her jeans
Smoke a pound today roll up a Juicy J double cup full of Promethazine..
Seen the Porsch I like bought the b_tch twice
I can do that sh_t for the rest of my life
Seen the b_tch I like hit the b_tch twice
Stay flexing hard mother f_ck a price
I get it flip it and sh_t it
Poppin molly dig it back to business
Ride the lamb doing twice the limit
Got your b_tch screaming from start to finish
Bank bands all on my cash,stripper b_tches gone shake they ass
Twenty years in the rap game, man I don't have to make it last
That bullsh_t that you smoking never been in my cigar
What I'm smoking on you gotta keep in a jar
Own it to the sh_t and n_gga pop and have a bar
With two white kids menage-a-trois
Rolling up, back to back
I need my medicine I got cataracts
One night with yo b_tch then you can have her back
Me saving these hoes imagine that

[Chorus x2:]
Flexin' & Finessin, Fle-Flexin' & Finessin
Ain't got no time for stressin
I'm just Flexin' & Finessin
Flexin' & Finessin, Flexin' & Finessin
And Finessin, and Finessin, and Finessin
Flexin and Finessin, nessin-nessin-nessin
Look look look flexin and finessin nessin nessin

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