Yo El Ray - Iggy Azalea

Four score
Lotta years ago
Fine aussie lady had a bad b_tch
And she grew to be me
F_ck a dime, I'm a dollar
Katsuya lunch
B_tch dine at Kitana
Rattle, Dolce and Gabanna
Diapers killin' your expenses
Bottle's Hermes, b_tch
If I burp that spit expensive
Wrong, kill a b_tch with the heels
D.O.A when I step for realz
Ill, rap a ho in hole
This ain't whole, ot's just a drill
I'm on the stars
I'm gone no more more waitin
I know sh_t ain't fair
No chocolate bacon
Raping bars, I know
Throw that b_tch in jail
Give a ho that L
Bout to roll that L. Thomas Westly
Iggy swelll
Pockets swell, overweight
Bank obese, plenty cake
I'm a grind till I erase
Decent work for decent pay
He might just beats, no, not Dre
I need that love like Christian Grey
TrapGold Queen, you hoes in a corner
Jet, jet, mansion, in that order, yes
F_ck it, Diplo, I need more
Don't need no drank
Don't need no smoke
Real white girl, I am the coke
I hang with white b_tches
I roll with black b_tches
I got them asians and them latins
In the trap b_tches
Oh yeah, you rap b_tches?
This sh_t a wrap b_tches
My name be climbing up them poles
Make it clap b_tches
Thought I was gone?
I'm here for ten mo'
It's pronunced "Iggy", b_tch
And he is Diplo

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