Sneaky Freak - Imelda May

I'm behind you, I'm watchin' your back
I'm gonna find you, look in every crack
I know your passwords, I cracked your codes
I know you backwards, I even searched your clothes
'Cos I'm a sneaky freak, yes I'm a sneaky freak'
Watch out cos I'm a sneaky freak, oh I'm a sneaky freak
'Cos I'm a creepy sneaky freak
What you up to? 'Cos I'm gonna find out
Hidden secrets yeah I know about
I picked your locks yeah, I stole your ID I know what rocks you
You'll never know it was me
You locked your door 'bout quarter past four,
you're hiding something I know
You're holding your phone whenever you're at home,
you jump on it whenever it goes
You got a feeling something's not right,
you should be keeping one eye open at night
O'er your shoulder, was that something you saw?
I'm getting bolder, 'cos I'm above the law
I'm creepy
Yeah I'm sneaky
Oh Freaky

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