Into The Darkness - In This Moment

[Male voice:] You repulse me.
[Maria:] I am beautiful.
[Male voice:] I hate you.
[Maria:] I love you.
[Male voice:] How can you even love yourself?
[Maria:] I am worthy.
[Male voice:] You disgust me.
[Maria:] I am pure.
[Male voice:] I'm letting you go now.
[Maria:] Please don't go.
[Male voice:] You'll burn in Hell.
[Maria:] I will float to mortality
[Male voice:] There is no God.
[Maria:] God is inside of me.
[Male voice:] No wonder your father left you.
[Maria:] He should have protected me.
[Male voice:] Just take a closer look.
[Maria:] I will not!
[Male voice:] You're a whore!
[Maria:] I forgive you.

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