3:24 - Insane Clown Posse

Speak of our demise, you speak the tongue of the devil
Every obstacle we cross we advance another level
Our towers ascend much higher than the skyline
So if you want beef I got yours, why don't you try mine?
Friends becomes enemies because time surprises you
Those who once idolize suddenly despisin you
Later when asked who his influences were, suddenly he forgets and his brains become a blurr
You get sh_t on for all that you did and all the love, all the time you spent tryin to vouch he ain't a scrub
Keep your chronuts cause imma show grown nuts when the times right
For now enjoy the limelight, we hittin from your blindside
We don't want no inbetweeners on our team either
See you walk home or get in the car packin the heat or that's a ryder the definition of a gunfight
Try to pull one on me ill take your army out in one night
Your gonna smash into a tree
Crash right on the corner
Horn blowin everybody dead early in the morning
Cause we shoot back and like you got a fruit pack center
All your blood comes squirtin out when all the bullets enter
We some old time gangstas from the Southwest side
Since I was 14 dreamt about commiting homicide but I never knew till now bang! bang! get down
Never thought I could really do it now I see how
Everybody f_ckin pluckin from our tree
It's time we guard the yard that's why I'm tellin y'all we reekin havoc next joker card
I'm sick a talkin bout love when don't nobody show us none
Except for Juggalo Ninjas (and tear the back from they were sleeping giants[?])
And when we ring the bells of war
You best believe it, it's gonna be some hell to score
Record sales I give a f_ck whether we sell anymore
I'm more concerned about revenge and mobbin in through your door
B_tches out promotin our shows if I see that van again I swear to God ill get to panickin and brandishing a ten
I ain't no chopper unless you talking about decapitation all you faggots eating off us causing more than aggravation
F_ck your flyers pack your f_ckin sh_t up and beat it
If I catch you on our scene ill take a brick and make ya eat it
I gotta love for everybody that was ever on the hatchet and it's gonna stay the same until we buried in a casket
I ride with Myzery from the Bronx back to the murder mitten[?] all the way out to LA and back and never bullsh_ttin when it's time to get forbidden whatever we commitin from a distance or a personal like a throat slittin
Plus my homies from the Southwest side all down to ride unleash a maul to the battleground whenever we decide dirty groundhog out here all livin in our garden it's time we f_ckin harden hit you with the beg your pardon of a moose
Gonna Joe Bruce gun to make your juice run all over the walls behind you to remind you this is our turf and all that its worth is our takin it's time you f_ckin fat piggys got blown into bacon
Violent J and Shaggy who they want with the painted faces quit rippin us off always dreamin of tradin places but you'll never have what we got we too far up the mountain so stay the f_ck in home like a p_ssy and keep poutin
Jumpsteady my brother has been the keeper of the peace but even he says that it's time our f_ckin dogs are released
So let us pull the f_ckin guns out and see who f_ckin runs out and see who stays on our side ready to ride it's time that we quit lettin all the bullsh_t slide where the f_ck is our pride raise from the dead if it died
I moved my family to safe ground cause hell about to rain I can't front it feels good to go insane and bring the pain and shake the f_ckin ground up my trigger fingers curled up piss on em and don't miss puk puk puk
We hurt their feelings when we squirt their blood on the ceiling wicked clowns with an axe to your neck what's more appealing?!

Check it out babe the House Of Wax
Um no no
Are you serious?!
Honey I'm scared!
Come on man!
Well if your not gonna support me then I'm going home!
F_ck you!
What's this? Zen Of Love?
Wonder if he could tell me about my f_cked up relationship

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