Falling Apart - Insane Clown Posse

[Intro - Violent J:]
[Phone Voicemail:]
Steve, what's up man, it's me
Listen, I'm really sorry about today man
I don't know what the hell is wrong with me, but I feel like sh_t
I'm telling you man, my f_ckin organs hurt
I don't know what the hell I'm going through
I'm gonna go home, lay down, and try to get some rest man
I hope I can come in tomorrow
F_ck man

[Verse 1 - Violent J:]
I have a headache, my brain feels dead
I got home and sat on my bed
Kicked my shoes off, I see my toes are cracked
I tried to wiggle em and three of em snapped right off
I stood up but now my walk is crooked
I went to piss, nothing came out, I shook it
And pulled it, it snapped right off in my hand
What the f_ck is happening? I don't understand
My hair is falling out, my body's sore
I threw up on the bathroom floor
What the hell is that? Looks like a kidney or one of my guts
I'm staring at it when half my vision shuts off
My eye fell out and rolled in the sink
I look in the mirror, the hole is pink
I'm trying to hold myself together, impossible task
My only question, how long will I last?

[Hook - Violent J/2Dope:]
I, I, I, I, I, I'm falling apart
What's become of me?
I'm falling apart...

[Verse 2 - Violent J:]
I was running down the stairs when my leg gave out
Snapped off at the knee, what's this about?
My fingers are breaking off, one by one
Where's all the blood? I don't see none
I'm hopping on my good leg, I make it down to the kitchen
My other eye's coming loose, f_ckin my vision
I'm thinking about stabbing myself to get it done
Something's in my mouth, I spit out my tongue
I tried to pick a knife up, my fingers are gone
I hopped outside and fell on the lawn
There goes my other leg, my left arm as well
Still throwing up guts, my personal hell
I'm laying on my back, I see the crows above me
My right arm breaks off, what's left of me?
How did this happen? I came undone
A pile of meat, baking under the sun

[Hook - Violent J/2Dope:]
I, I, I, I, I, I'm falling apart
What's become of me?
I'm falling apart...

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