Falling - Iration

We met at a concert, you were
wearing converse, I'm not good at
playing it cool
You said I was
funny, I spent all my money,
your friend got thrown in the
When we said goodbye, know
that I can't lie,
I never thought
I'd see you again
Man was I
mistaken, now my heart is taken,
It's too hard to

That I'm Falling,
hoping that you feel this way
Falling, Sitting here waiting
for you

Expert of illusion, I
just kept to using,
thought I had
it all worked out
Love was just a
stage name, watched it as it
became, something I could live
Then to my surprise, you
opened my eyes, I thought I was
empty inside
Now every time your
near, stormy skies become clear,
now there's nowhere left to
and I'm Falling...

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