Guns out - Iration

I'm under attack
Called you right back
I get the feeling that you won't calm down
You've got a trigger finger that you like to squeeze
Coincides with your quick draw mouth
I don't know the basics
I don't know if I can make it

Baby you've got your guns out
Firing your words until it runs out
You're crazy
Put your guns down
I know
You know
oh no look what you've done now

You can't take it back
I'm fading to black
Wonder if you've ever heard of 'live and let live'
Cuz every bullet that you put into the air darlin
Is every promise to you I can't give
And although I'm persuasive
Tomorrow is wasted

When you overreact there's nothing holding you back
From knowing friend or enemy
Just a shot in the dark never missing your mark
Handing out the death penalty
And you do what you do
Never considering what I go through
And I'm holding on to every last breath I get
And I don't know if I'll pull through

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