Heavy Call - Iration

I'm all about it, if you're down too
Make a little mix up right now, I know you know what to do
Cause we got the new sound baby, and you got your crew
So let's get it crackin, right now make it happen
Don't stop til the day is new
We're making money, just to keep playing our songs
Pay the next bill, just to get to next month, can I ever feel secure?
So I'm calling you out right now, do you have what it takes?
To make a move in the light when you got do it right, and keep on...
Hanging on, to the site of a dream
Carried away, can't you see?
Some people say that you don't have time for love
But don't you know you're wasting time?

Play on, play on, play your own song
Play on, play on...
Play on, play on, got to play your own song
Play on, play on, (play on...)

It's my intention in this intimate initiative
To make this moment last outright cause it's all I got to give
So bring it, close together now we move it up and mess around
When most of them are taking it in we've got the rest of our lives to stay out


It's 12 o'clock out
Does the music stop now?
Do we have the time to give you just one more piece of mind?
Friends and family alike, keep this party goin' strong
Without you people we would perish and be passed on
Until last call, Realize all
I guess we only got this chance just to do this right
To make a verse, make a rhyme, people do this every night,
And we...


And you know you got to sing it...

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