Mission from 'Arry - Iron Maiden

Steve: ...anyways, he did not deserve to get a bollocking... ...at the time, I know why
he got a bollocking, because you, you know, you dunno what the f_ck he's goin' on
about, but he didn't really deserve it. All he's trying to do is relay a message from me to
you, right? And he went the wrong way about it, okay?
Nicko: Yeh, he did go the wrong way about it.
Steve: Well then.
Nicko: Well I'm, I, I, I, I tell you what, I mean it ain't gonna happen again.
Bruce: I don't see where you get steamed, I mean, if the truss was gonna...
Nicko: Why I got steamed up Bruce is because he f_cked me right up. And I knew there
was a problem, I still didn't know what it was even after he...I, I f_cked! I f_cking f_cked
Steve: I know that. Look, it's like...
Nicko: ...and I stopped, and it was like "oh, for f_ck's sake!" Come on kids, and I'm
looking around... what is he trying to tell me? What's the problem?
Steve: Can't you understand? Can't you understand if I'm trying to get a f_cking
message through to ya, right?...I'd have still...it'd a been a lot worse. If I, if I had to go
me gear done...as it happens, (snaps his fingers) just in the nick of the time I got it
done. If I...
Nicko: Yeah, I still didn't get the message.
Steve: I know you didn't. But what we're saying, it didn't... whatever happens if I got
him trying to get a f_ckin' message to ya. Y'know what I mean?
Nicko: Sure Steve, but the fact is that the guy was not handling it the right way.
Steve: You don't think of things like that Nick.
Nicko: But that's diff... look...
Steve: I bollocked...I was shouting at ya, "look, my gear's gone down".
Nicko: It's me that f_cked-up.
Steve: Listen...
Nicko: I'm the one out there all on me own...
Steve: I know.
Nicko: ...I'm doing a drum solo. And I've got f_ckin' talkin' to...
Steve: No I'm the one, I'm only one 'a thinking, I've got f_cking like a minute to go
before m..., to get this f_cking gear right.
Bruce: Yeah, but if somebody gives a message to me...
Steve: No?
Bruce: ...I mean, it doesn't matter who it is, I mean, the message gets through.
Nicko: Bruce, it's different...
Steve: It's a different situation.
Nicko: ...it's different for you. You're not standing there all on your f_cking own having a
somebody try to get your attention and talk to you. I'm playin' a drum solo, and the
guy's standing a yard, or two yards behind my drum riser goin'...
Steve: Yeah, all I'm trying a...
Nicko: ..."f_cking anga-yangna-baba"..."wha?"..."BABA-BABA-BABA!"..."WHAAAA???..."
the f_ck! Uhhhhh! By the time I've got that far, I'm f_ckin totally f_cked. Because I'm
p..., I'm not paying attention to my gig...
Steve: Hey, look...
Nicko: ...I'm paying attention to what he's trying to tell me.
Bruce: Yeah, but nobody woulda noticed.
Steve: I complete...
Nicko: I noticed!
Steve: I completely understand that.
Nicko: F_cked me right up.
Steve: But he, he was only doing what I told him to do, and that was get a message to
you. Now that the f_cking heat of the moment and just, everything on hand... he don't
think to f_cking tell Bill, he wants to get the message to you, not to f_cking Bill, so he
don't think of that, he just tries to get the message to you, right? So, he don't f_cking
deserve to get a bollocking for that, I mean, alright he got one I know... not sayin that.
But I just don't, you know...
Bruce: Attente! Attente!
Steve: ...Bob was a nice guy. He's not like he's, f_ckin', he's an asshole...
Nicko: No, no...
Steve: ...or an idiot, or anything like that.
Nicko: Oh no, but he was out of order, because he didn'...
Bruce: He wasn't out of order.
Nicko: He was.
Steve: He wasn't out of order. he was wrong.
Nicko: He was, 'cause he f_cked me up by tryin to tell me...
Steve: Nicko.
Nicko: If he'd of come up to the riser...
Steve: Nicko.
Nicko: Look...
Steve: Nicko.
Nicko: ...if he'd of come up to the riser there, I COULDA F_CKIN HEARD HIM!!!
Steve: But Nick...
Nicko: Cunt was standin' behind, I was sittin' down.
Steve: Yeah...
Nicko: ..."bada-bada-ba"
Steve: He was wrong. He made a mistake, but he wasn't out of order.
Bruce: It wasn't deliberate.
Steve: He made a mistake...
Nicko: Now, I know it ain't deliberate.
Steve: ...for f_ck's sake.
Nicko: I didn't know that at the time, right? I still didn't know that Steve had a problem
with his bass...
Steve: That's what I'm saying.
Nicko: ...luckily enough, by the time I finished the poxy solo, he had his bass working
Steve: It was all that f_cking grief...
Bruce: All it takes is the guy...
Nicko: The grief was, because I bollocked him up, and I happened to tell ya, and you go
"don't bollock him, go out and apologize," right. F_ck him, I'm gonna go and apologize to
Bruce: Well all you gotta do...
Nicko: It's not for me to apologize. I bollocked him 'cause he f_cked me up. Right there,
he f_cked me up. He was wrong.
Bruce: All you gotta do...no he wasn't wrong.
Nicko: He was.
Steve: He wasn't wrong.
Nicko: He did not handle it...he's not even f_cking communicating, right?
Steve: Aw! I don' wanna f_ckin argue about this, it's f_cking stupid... I think you're really
out of order, I think...honestly.
Nicko: No bollocks! Oh I am not out of order.
Steve: You are. You're attitude is out of order.
Nicko: He...no it ain't.
Steve: It is.
Nicko: No it ain't. The guy f_cked me up.
Steve: I know he did...
Nicko: Well then that's out of order...
Steve: ...He didn't mean to.
Nicko: LOOK, I'M NOT SAYIN HE F_CKIN' MEANT TO 'ARRY!!! The fact is that he was a
dumbkopf, 'cause he don't know how to f_ckin communicate with me onstage...
Bruce: But he's not a dumbkopf.
Nicko: Aww!
Steve: He's not f_ckin' stupid.
Nicko: Well, he f_ckin' certainly did a good job out there this afternoon, didn't he?
Steve: He made a mistake, because I...
Nicko: What do you mean "He made a mistake"?
Steve: Because I...
Nicko: You sent him. How could he make a mistake?
Steve: That's right.
Nicko: How did he make a mistake?
Steve: Well, he made the mistake by not sending Bill first, right?
Nicko: Well, well he made a mistake, right?
Steve: Yeah.
Nicko: Well, why?...
Bruce: There's a difference between making a mistake...
Steve: Well that's what I'm saying.
Bruce: ...and a difference between making a human error...
Nicko: Right, so he made a mistake, right?
Steve: Yeah!
Nicko: And I'm griefed up cause he f_ckin' made me make a mistake. Now that he... now
I can understand what he was talking about after the fact... it remains to be seen, he
was on a mission from you.
Steve: Aw, I'm not gonna argue about it.
Nicko: Right? F_ck my old boots, it just... I can't hack... I can't handle that situation
when people think some can't make me grief, and it's important to me to get a message
like that...f_cking hell! How can I get some... get, get... when I also f_cked as well... I
would'na minded if I'd have gotten what it was happening straight. Like, on the end "all
right, 'Arris got his bass f_cked, right I'll carry on and do something else", then that's
fine, if I didn't f_ck-up... but he made me f_ck. It totally threw me right out, and he
Steve: I know it did.
Nicko: ...He didn't know how to talk to me about it. And, and I've, I've told him "don't do
that again."
Steve: Because, see, it's not, it's not, it's not fair relaying a message to people. He was
Nicko: And he never turned 'round.
Steve: ...look, it coulda been anybody. It was just that he was the first one on hand.
Nicko: 'Arry.
Steve: He was just standing there.
Nicko: He never turned around, he never even turned around afterwards and said "Listen,
did you?...I'm sorry, but you didn't understand what I was saying right?"
Steve: Well why should he?
Nicko: Well then, then, then because...
Steve: He got a f_ckin' bollocking.
Nicko: ...He woulda stood up for himself because he knows he was gotten a bollocking
wrong, because he was on a mission from you.
Steve: He was probably...
Bruce: No.
Steve: He was probably f_ckin upset...
Bruce: He's probably a bit upset.
Steve: ...because you gave him a f_cking bollocking.
Nicko: Well, rightly.
Steve: You gave him up for...as far as he's con...
Bruce: No, not rightly.
Nicko: Rightly, yeah.
Steve: But no, it's not rightly.
Bruce: No!
Nicko: I told him "DON'T EVER DO THAT AGAIN!"
Steve: No.
Bruce: That's crazy.
Steve: But what?...
Bruce: What happens if the lighting truss is gonna fall down on your head? Does he
Nicko: Well then somebody drags me out of the f_ckin' way, or else I'm dead, right?
Bruce: Yeah, but don't... I mean... you know.
Steve: I think your attitude is totally f_cking out of order.
Nicko: No it ain't. No it ain't.
Steve: Yes it is.
Nicko: No it ain't. If I'd have known... now I'm the f_ckin' cunt all of a sudden.
Steve: No, you're not the cunt.
Bruce: You're not a cunt.
Nicko: Because I told him he was out of order, and I didn't know he was on a mission
from you to tell me that his bass, your bass was F_CKED!
Steve: I know you didn't.
Bruce: All you've got to do Nicko, is just go to the guy and say...
Steve: You didn't know, and he didn't know, alright?
Bruce: "Sorry about, sorry about shouting. It was a misunderstanding. But in future, tell
Bill" that's all you gotta say.
Nicko: No. No.
Bruce: And that way, he's a f_ckin' proud geezer...
Steve: What's, what's the matter with ya?
Bruce: He goes...
Nicko: Look...
Steve: 'Cause if this is some sorta pride thing or what?
Nicko: I bollocked him... no it ain't pride. It's, it's not f_ckin' pride.
Steve: Well what's the matter with ya?
Bruce: It is pride.
Nicko: Oh bollocks!
Steve: What's the matter with ya?
Nicko: The guy was wrong to have been f_ckin' there to do what he done.
Steve: I know. All I'm, all I'm gonna say is that when you're going up tomorrow...
Bruce: No it isn't wrong. What's he supposed to do? Turn around...
Steve: ...this is a different attitude, 'cause this is f_cking stupid.
Nicko: I told him straight out not to do it again.
Bruce: What's he supposed to do? What's he?...
Nicko: I'm not gonna go out and apologize for saying that to him...
Bruce: He's NOT!
Nicko: ...He was outta f_ckin' order.
Bruce: He's not out of order.
Bruce: what happens...
Nicko: Bruce.
Bruce: ...if I f_cking go and tell somebody to do something, he goes "No, f_ck off! I'm
not gonna do that."
Nicko: Listen, Bruce...
Bruce: Then he's out of order.
Nicko: Bruce...
Bruce: But he goes and tells him to go and do something...
Nicko: ...I'm not concerned with, with, with, with, with other people that can't f_cking
talk to me on stage, who don't know how to f_cking communicate with me...
Bruce: But he's not out of order trying to do it.
Nicko: ...He did not know how to communicate with me.
Steve: Some cunt's recording this

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