Alice In Wonderland - Irving Berlin

[1st verse:]
You know the tale of the girl who was sittin'
By the fire, with her kitten
It's a story that was written long ago
You know that she was about to retire
When the glass above the fire
Seemed to suddenly expire like the snow
You know when the way was cleared
That she disappeared
Thro' the looking glass
You know that her name was Alice
So come along if you care
We'll take you there
You must prepare
To be a kiddie like you were when you read
Of the girl who was sittin' by the fire with her kitten
In the story that was written long ago

Come along with Alice
Into wonderland

To the lovely palace
Where they're all so grand

See the funny people
Strolling hand in hand

Come along and pass through the looking glass
Into wonderland

[2nd VERSE (more or less):]
Come take a peep at the queer-looking duchess
With the rabbit in her clutches
Which is just about as mauch as he can stand
There's Tweedledum, Tweedledee, hear them prattle
All about the broken rattle
Tweedledee has got a battle on his hands
Look here, you can see the Walrus
And there's the Carpenter by his side
Look there, at the little oysters
And Humpty Dumpty who'd fall
Down from the wall
That isn't all
You'll be delighted with the high-hatted man
Called the mad little hatter
Never mind about his patter
'Cause it really doesn't matter but it's grand

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