Can I Live - J. Cole


P_ssy my passion, never been a fan of flashing
Probably cause I never could so if I had it, never would.
Then I got my first lil taste of paper, and I splurged
I guess it's just the n_gga urge,
This is the Boondocks, I swear yo I'm like Huey mixed with Riley
Thursday I be trynna save the world, and then on Friday I hit the club
Hoping that my d_ck get rubbed by some fat asses
N_ggas get to scraping then you hear the gats blasting Damn!
Older n_ggas ain't got no problems with me
My momma told me to speak like you got a college degree
You see I can, but I won't, plus I'm saying what I won't
Plus this slang that I speak don't change that I'm deep
That's the throat, on a certified freak, while she choke?
As we headed to the crib, yes I let her give me head
So she don't remember where I live, my game is tight,
Baby no need to bring pajamas, you ain't staying the night
No disrespect, I just say it polite
I drop her off before I sleep, I be praying for life

Like Hov said it can I live? (Can I live)
Aye dear Lord, can I live? (Can I live)

Now am I Living to get paid just slaves for a wage (all week)
I can't do no 9 to 5 told my momma (sorry)
I can't do no suit and tie, no I want the (glory)
If you knew me know my life is like a movie starring me
Pardon me, if it seems that I'm following my dreams
I ain't reading off the script that they picked (for me)
I ain't pissed, naw could'nt give a sh_t (hardly)

I be sh_tting on them n_ggas that was sh_tting on me
Will I live or will I die before they get to know me
If I go I know the ones that's pouring liquor for me
And I know the fake n_ggas really hating on me
Knew that I was bout to blow so they was waiting on me
But Oh-no, Lord
See I'm smarter then they know-oh-oh
So hold on, Lord, cause I ain't quite ready to go-oh oh

Can I live?

Somebody told me that it's only one shot,
So I'll be God damn, If I'm ever gonna stop
Promise to my momma I'm a make it to the top
So I'm a keep climbing to my heartbeat drop

Like the phone when she heard the news
Her sister on the other line talkin' to her shoes
The only son, what a thing to lose
More blacks singing more blues
More n_ggas pouring more brews
Poor dude he was young like 21,
Straight up out that city that I'm from
A real smart n_gga, but his n_ggas they was dumb
He ain't even get a chance to run
Before it landed in his lung
God, breath n_gga.
His partner screaming don't you *** leave n_gga!
Took off his shirt trynna stop the bleeding n_gga, don't you go!
But his life fading slow
Did I tell my mom I love her, do she know?
Did I tell my baby sorry from befo'
Won't get to see my son grow
Lord I ain't ready to go

Can I live?
Can I live?
Dear Lord, can I live?
Can I live? Yea

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