Dollar and a Dream - J. Cole

Yeah, hey, Cole world
Hey, I gotta dollar and a dream, that's all a n_gga got
So if it's bout that cream, then I'm all up in the spot
I got a dollar and a dream, just a dollar and a dream
[Verse 1: J. Cole]
Cole, walk with a n_gga, I give you my pain
So much on my mind, I wonder how it fit in my brain
Scattered thoughts, dark secrets lead me to a blacker heart
Life can't get any worse, Stevie with his glasses off
Cause I still don't see hope, lookin' for a quick fix
When everyone I see is broke, get lost in weed smoke
Knowin' it make it worse, thoughts roam uncontrollably
Barely trustin' n_ggas, over a decade they been knowin' me
Sh_t, life at the bottom, nobody but God got em'
They say he wouldn't leave me, yet I'm fallin' like it's Autumn
Tell me, what do you do just when you're on your last dollar
And the stress of this mess you in can make your ass holla?
Do you fold, grow bitter and grow cold?
No longer fightin' now the only thing you grow is old
Or do you flip that f_ckin' dollar to a dream?
Whether a scholar or a fiend, watch a pawn become a king
Young n_gga with his jeans low
Nice guy, just got a mean flow
Never seen rich but he's seen poor
Mr. dollar and a dream in case yeen know
[Verse 2: J. Cole]
Yeah, armed and ready, you n_ggas strung out, you spaghetti
Ya paper, confetti, small time, ya'll on one, I'm on mine
You logged off cause I'm online, small talk from small minds
I wanna buy the mall but there ain't sh_t in this small town
This where I get my dough
My n_ggas make sure the money right and then I rip the show
I run the town they tried to call me underground
I spun around like, you wish

Homie my backpack Louis, now watch just how I do this
I got the nerds rappin' hard sh_t, dummies rappin' smart sh_t
Mozart meets Humphrey Bogart with this from the heart sh_t
Play your part, life is but a dream for me
I get a flash of nightmares when n_ggas scheme on me

It's hard to see my enemies, who infiltrated my team
I take a step back and notice that things ain't what they seem
That's when a n_gga refocus, yeah I turn on them high beams
I got that red dot waitin', I'm wastin' your whole regime
I wish a n_gga would, boy you can't out-smart me
I let you feel like you the sh_t, but boy you can't out-fart me
Ya never have it, I know you want what I got
But n_gga you ain't me, but you are what I'm not
And that's a phony ass, lonely ass, Cole is what you know me as
But we far from homies, if you know my mama, you know me
If ya don't then well I'm sorry, you should get to know Kay
Man she been workin' too hard, I should send her a bouquet
My goal this year is a real one, gonna stack a million
And as soon as I do, Mama that 9 to 5 is through
And I know I ain't been callin', but I'm thinkin' bout you
And all the sh_t that you been through
My girl and then my brother too
Cause this life gets hard on this road, yeah it's true
I don't never tell you how much I be stressin', but I do
But I s_ck it up for who? my fans, and my mans
Who probably never ever had this type of lifestyle in they plans
Hoppin' in and out of vans, on the buses, on the planes
Gettin' brain from a b_tch and thinkin' "god damn, what's her name?"
Sometimes I just shake my head and tell myself this is a shame
And then my other side kick in like, "b_tch, don't be so f_ckin' lame"
Dang, what a life, another day, another night
At times this sh_t is all blurry, pray and hope that God heard me
Just for those prayin' for me, man I know that y'all worry
But I ain't never failed and you can bet I never will

Hey, cause n_gga that's life, and trust me I'm livin'
Look what a n_gga done made out the sh_t that I was given
Look what a n_gga made out, look what a n_gga made out
Got a dollar and a dream, three

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