Homecoming - J. Cole

Uh, yeah
Uh, uh-huh,

I'm I-95 cruising, with the sun in my eyes,
In the south, dog, my momma ain't seen her son in awhile,
Yea, I'll sure is,
Can't wait to see my n_ggas and f_ck with my old chicks,
Can't wait to cruise the city, be catching them old grins,
Same n_ggas, same place, doing the same old sh_t.
Yea, so n_gga watch it!
A n_gga been in NY tryna get some bigger pockets,
You still up in the ville, tryna make it in the trap,
I'm finna put us on the map; I told you I was coming back, Cause,
Yeah, so make way, the prince of the city, ain't a street I can't stay,
You n_ggas is hatin, ' just be happy I ain't changed.
Blunts rolled to the murk, we all want the same thing,
And that's- money to feed us, yup,
We pray to God, but, we ain't tryna meet Him yet, haha!
Yea, If I never...
N_gga, man,

Actually that is a bad idea, my n_gga,
Cause uh,
Na na na
Now I'm a always come home,
It's where a n_gga was grown,
Where a n_gga was shown,
How to scrap, yup,
Shown how to mack, yup,
Sold a whole lot of crack, yup,
Juggling them hoes,
There was a whole lot of that, yup,
Momma work to the bone,
Putting clothes on my back,
I'm coming home to give everything I owe to her back, yea,
I swear they say, man,
Yea yeah,
Shout to the whole ville!
Of course, so real!
If I never...
If I never went home again,
"Hello?, chill out n_gga, what's up, boy?
Yeah, I just touched down man,
I'm over off Ramsey and sh_t,
Aiight, well look,
I'm about to go check out my mom's man,
What's jumping for tonight?
Oh the Live? I'm in there, n_gga."

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