Mo Money - J. Cole

Mo money, yeah
Mo money, blow money, show money
Party money, side ho money, dope money
New clothes money from sh_t that I wrote money
So much money I don't know who stole from me
Hard to keep track I'm used to having no money
Still broke compared to n_ggas with old money
I mean the type of n_ggas that laugh at Hov money
Billionaires with Petroleum and coal money
Probably kill themselves if the had Cole money
Talk sh_t and I'm a see you like you owe money
I'm wrapping up the album, fourth quarter I'm so money
I'm overseas looking for trees to grow money
Peter Popper off robbing people for hope money
Prostitutes collecting that let me stroke money
Put up a couple dollars for the liquor store money
Used to dread the strip club cause I couldn't throw money
Now the strippers give a n_gga the throat for no money
How mama gonna teach you how to save your money
When she barely on the boat got stay afloat money
Blacks always broke cause we don't know money
Spend it before we get it and could never hold money
No wallets, nah, n_gga we'd rather fold money
Money control n_ggas, white man control money
Laughing like "yeah yeah my n_gga, get your money"

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