The Come up - J. Cole

Money coming soon, n_gga...
I'm on the come up, chill n_gga, don't run up,
A yellow n_gga finna rise and shine like the sun up, (yea)
My mind on that paper, I ain't tryna wife a sl_t up,
I'm dying for this cake and I ain't tryna wipe a crumb up,
They ride with the gun up, kill you and light the blunt up, (uh)
Don't shed a tear, for a n_gga might get done up,
But just say a prayer for a n_gga might confront us,
Cause his life is summed up, the medics wipe his lungs up,
You coming to the ville, you gotta get a license from us,
City on my back, I feel like I'm holding Big Pun up,
No pain, no gain, my n_gga, I just numb up.
I blow brains, go bang a n_gga if he jump up,
With no shame, don't blame a n_gga if you shot up,
This is c_caine on flames, baking soda and water,
And if you feel that, then I guess I sell crack, get it?
Fall back, man, a n_gga feeling crazy.
Sh_tting on n_ggas, like a n_gga was still a baby, (uh)
Carolina n_gga, shout out to the ville, it raised me,
So many hoes whipped, you woulda thought we still in slavery.
And n_ggas still sleeping, they feeling lazy, (uh)
A killa? maybe, you make me, I will (uh)
Cheat me on my scrilla, I'll send you to meet Dilla, (uh)
From them NC streets where beef they deliver,

And the clip is on 'E' cause your chest got a filla.
A n_gga like me just getting head like a pillow,
Bred like guerillas getting bread,
So long as my momma and my n_ggas getting fed,
F_ck what a n_ggas said, (man) I'm Fayettenam bombing,
Cause hatred is flattery, you b_tch n_ggas is charming.
Who the f_ck you harming? Boy y'all n_ggas is Charmin, (uh)
And I'm on it, waiting for a target.
You f_cking with the best, like Common.
Ah sh_t, pardon a n_gga for departin',
I'm just getting green like a yard or a garden.
A n_gga finna blow, while you n_ggas is false alarmin.' (uh)
And just think though, I was raised on Ramen, (uh)
Chicken noodle soup, now I'm filet mignon.'
I promise my momma I was coming to make this money,
And I swear I'm a kill the n_gga that try to take it from me.

That's real talk, n_gga!
It's J.Cole, n_gga, Therapist,
Whatever f_ck you wanna call me, don't matter,
Make y'all n_ggas understand, man,
Know y'all can't believe yourself right now,
Yo this n_gga from the south, naw,
He can't spit, how the f_ck is he so good?
Open your eyes, motherf_cker,
Can't see?
N_ggas on top! yup!
On top, yup, yup,
On top!

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