Murda 4 Life - Ja Rule

Yeah. What y'all n_ggaz want
street sh_t, Memph Bleek sh_t, Ja rule sh_t
You heard n_gga
It's all real in the field n_gga


N_ggaz live wit it, money drugs and murdah for life
B_tches deal with it, only lovin them hoes for the night
If your feeling it, get high its alright
but you can't get it, until the day of our demise


[Memphis Bleek]

You can holler at the dog haters wanna see me fall
B_tches wanna too see me ball killers they don't wanna see me at all
If I wasn't rolling with the rock
Will you n_ggaz pass rock share birds or flash glocks
I walk around wit two Mac's, razors and icepicks
Just cause you n_ggaz want to see me hurtin like them
Its all about the benjamins money cash hoe's
livin through this sh_t i'm in nigger stack doe
Street scholar, eight figure n_gga white collar cat
ain't the M-E-M-P-H man, b_tch holla back
I'm a creature smoking on hay since it was reefer
Drug ass flow like I was cut wit ether
Mark ass nigger don't want a part of this n_gga spark with this n_gga
blaze bark wit this niga
Me and Ja Rule f_ckin you hoe's is what these guys do
Ain't the type to buy you, mommy how you, slide cock inside you
supply you with ten b_tches times two, I'm a motherf_ckin animal

[Chorus 2x]

[Ja Rule]
F_ck the world cause it ain't quite ready me
I'm living my life n_ggaz take a look at these eyes
Witness what it is to be real n_ggaz
guns, drugs, hot slugs, coke runs, want some, get some
Bad enough buy some n_gga
F_cking around with Ja and Bleek and get hit up
Tearing your whole clique then we clip up
N_gga thats what these Murderers n_gga that's us
What the f_ck, is you ready to die right now n_gga?
Know you feelin my style n_gga
Run wit nothing but wild Brooknam and Queens Isle n_ggaz
Hit em any nigger that breath rule riddel em wit hot one
Ain't n_gga like me, who you riding wit?
Rolling nothing but hot sh_t your b_tch my b_tch
Only difference is b_tches on my d_ck blow d_ck
How I cock spread hit ho's love that sh_t, you celibate
I'll turn you into the freakest b_tch
Have you topless dancing in bars naked for dollars
Y'all b_tches know what my style is
Always on some foul sh_t, Rule b_tch
Let the world know
When I spit nothing but that murderous live wit it

[Chorus 2x]

[Memphis Bleek]
Hol-la! What you think of that, b_tch where we freakin at
Bum chick don't speak to that, fly momma creep wit that
Live with it n_gga hit it, don't stop get it get it
Don't tricking b_tching, would you f_ck with it
Brooknam and Queens
Yo, it means more killin, more guns, more drugs, more real ass n_ggaz
HOLLA don't give a f_ck, DOLLAS n_ggaz what you want get it
Crump blaze skunk, what the f_ck y'all want n_gga!

[Ja Rule]
None of me cause, I hit em wit to much style
And my energy got these n_ggaz creatin lil me's
I'm a lock and squeeze know that its my time
If I leave air breath n_ggaz haten on mines
I'm a nightmare n_ggas better prepare to die
And deal wit Ja hollerin Murda 4 life!

[Chorus 2x]

Uhh yeah
Ja Rule, Memph Bleek
Holla back, Roc-a-Fella
Its Mur-da, Its Mur-da uh uh
We out

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