Niggas & Bitches - Ja Rule

[Intro - Ja Rule - talking]
Yeah ... ha, uh huh
You know how we do (we're gonna do how we do)
Uh, uh, yo my n_gga Cad what's hangin n_gga (gangsta sh_t)
N_gga Terry what's goin on n_gga
Let me talk to 'em for a minute (Murder Inc. bosses in the building)
Yeah, haha

N_ggas! Grip the iron and keep it cocked
B_tches! Work your clit keep that p_ssy hot
Cause it's all about the benjamins and nobody ain't doin it like us
C'mon what y'all want?

N_ggas! Grip the iron and keep it cocked
B_tches! Work your clit keep that p_ssy hot
Cause it's all about sex, money, and murder
B_tches that burn ya, n_ggas with burners
Cocked and let go!

[Verse 1]
F_ck all y'all motherf_ckin b_tch ass n_ggas
I'm talkin to whoever wanna be ridin my d_ck
And you know your gon' get it as hot as I spit it
It's the Rule and nobody wanna be bothered with
If I hit 'em in every direction with four fifths
Will expend like 45's with compact discs (c'mon)
It's a disappointment to see n_ggas flip on Rule like they double jointed
When I'm one of rap's anointed
Who else used to order it all on the d_ck
Like when I come through with spinners on the six
And got b_tches bouncin like Ronnie in Tricks
But some whores in this game really don't make sense
Bomb roof and via Cal's and clonin Ems
But when bullets go through your film, we break your limbs
A horror show, yeah picture this
Cause I guess you can't see it, it's Murder again


[Verse 2]
Rule I f_ck with b_tches in Manolos and thick Louie Vuitton logos
Cause I don't love these hoes
I'm above and beyond everything that your seein
And I'm the only real n_gga left rappin this freakin
If I could be one of the seasons, you'd call me summer
The way I bang the heater out the back of the Hummer
The bull just move like runners from city block to city block
Layin down the foundation for what's really hot
Y'all n_ggas really not on my level (c'mon)
I'm like slugs when they pierce the metal, you see sparks (what)
My voice is a brush, they hear it it's like art
And nobody can really tell the twins apart
I call one Nina, other one Santa Maria
I might roll up on your set, dump and lean ya
My b_tch is cocked to bang men in Virginia
Don't make me run up on ya, put a few in ya


[Verse 3]
Yeah, yeah, yo, Murder's outlaw, that guess I get a city's a broads
So I push the Porsche high and truck to court
Holla at the judge if the judge made a bad decision
I feel like the n_gga that triggerin guns with mittens
It's hard to get done, I'm hearin that security runs
around 30K, if they don't get hit with an AK
And found out that the security's runnin another way
Like with me, it's Murder, probably
If I could drop in to manslaughter get a bail and flee
Cause my downess says b_tch up, let her handle the pick up
Snow cone the country leave no market untouched
Call me drugs if this is how they pushin us rafters
But I don't do it cause I need it, I do it cause I want more
Definition is greed, I do it cause I want yours
And y'all n_ggas is teasin, y'all don't really want war
But if you really do, your gonna need a lot more

[Chorus - 2X]

[Outro - Ja Rule - talking]
Faggots, haha (Panna Banana what up)
Yeah, shout out to my n_gga 01 (my n_gga Holla, I see you baby)
Baby, you know what I mean? My n_gga Black Child (Joe, what up n_gga)
Big Caddillac, my motherf_ckin partner my brother
What up Gotti, you know how we gonna do these n_ggas
You ain't got to pick up no mic either my n_gga
I got this, I got these n_ggas Gotti
Holla back n_gga [laughing]
Yeah, uh, yo my n_gga Burns in the building
Blow somethin up n_gga [fades out]

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