Passion - Ja Rule

Nobody loves me
Sometimes the world can seem so cold
Looking through the windows of my soul
I see, the true fan now I know (I know, I know, I know)
Y'all gotta love me
When the weight of the world was on my shoulders
You were there
When it got heavy, I held it
You were there
The ones that stood by me like soldiers
You were there

I know you love me

[Verse One]
But I'm still waiting for the Lord to come hug me
Send a sign or somethin'
This is all for nothin'
The talent and Passion of mine
I'm sick of sufferin'
I know your plans is greater than mine
So I'm asking
Why do you want me dead or alive
And how could you let the people see me through the enemy's
Like, jealousy, envy, Feds wanna convict Gotti
I'm thinking probably we was gettin' too much money
Too many n_ggaz in whips sittin' on 20's
Too much connections to the streets, y'all n_ggaz doin'
And after overall assumptions, or it's all or nothin'
Ain't nothin' stopping the second coming, except the coffin
I may be incased, but even from there I still touch 'em
n_ggaz ??, that's why we still hustle
For all my n_ggaz that can't be here
For every tear, send my a prayer, I swear


[Verse Two]

But what's love, when your friends become enemies
Your nightmares are no longer your worst dreams
And as bad as everything seems
Keep hustling
We gon' get it by any means
How unfortunate, January the sixth
Federal officers, raided our offices
Making it hard for us to eat, and breathe, and live
And they swear they got n_ggaz asking for relief
They've been handin' down indictments for about a year
And they send nobody to jail yet, we still in the clear
And the Bible that said, "Thou shall not fear no man but God"
Whoever said that, ain't never faced the law
And why all this fake ?? going on
I'm fighting n_ggaz, swingin' back against the wall
That's for my n_ggaz that can't be here
For every tear, send my a prayer, I swear


[Verse Three]
How could you hate me, why would the Lord forsake me
Put the weight of the world on my shoulders
I thinkin' I could brush it off and nobody notice
Keep raisin' my kids: Britney, Jeffry, and Jordan
Keep coppin' new whips: Bentleys, Benzes, and Porshes
My n_ggaz, and my fans is the only thing of importance
It's crazy how the world turns
Sometimes, you gotta light up and let it burn
Sweep up your ashes, put 'em up in a urn
On a mantle from memories
I hear you callin' me, Lord knows you love me
The Passion of Rule is so real, just lend me your ear
You'll feel what I feel, you'll tear when I tear
The vision's real clear, just look in my eyes
I believe in putting my life in the hands of God
For all my n_ggaz that can't be here
For every tear, send me a prayer, I swear



You know..... I give love to all my n_ggaz
Murder Inc. fam, my n_gga Gotti, what up n_gga
I n_gga Prim, we with you n_ggaz
Been with a n_gga, roll with a n_gga
My whole carreer and sh_t
All the fans, f**king with a n_gga
All my Rocafella, Terror Squad n_ggaz
My Def Jam fam, my Ruff Ryder n_ggaz
Dessert Storm n_ggaz, Bad Boy n_ggaz
Thugged Out Entertainment n_ggaz
My Slip-n-Slide fam, my Rap-a-Lot mafia n_ggaz
What up Prince? My n_ggaz from The Source
My fam, my n_gga Zino, what's happenin' playa
Dave. All my n_ggaz at radio, retail, all the DJ's
You know what it is. All my Boston n_ggaz, Atlanta n_ggaz
All my New York n_ggaz, what's happenin' you know
All my n_ggaz down in Houston, Primo, down in Detroit
All my L.A. n_ggaz, L.A. My Death Row family
What up Suge? All my Miami n_ggaz, what up Ump
My n_gga Freddy V, what's happenin' n_gga?
Cool Joe, Soul, I see you, One Stizzy, what up n_gga?
My wife, my kids, I know you love me
All my gangsta n_ggaz, all my b_tches, hehe..... Rule
My n_gga Buck from the boards
I got my family out here and sh_t
My n_gga Burns, L Murda, J.R. Lil' Amber
Nothin' but love. My brother Denzel D. what up n_gga?
My n_gga Artie, Den-Ten, Hotzone, what up?
My n_gga Sun, what up n_gga? Fred, what's happenin'? HOLLA
Slig, what's goin' on, n_gga? O-Easy, my n_gga Black
Jodi, we here n_ggaz. Black Child, I see you
My n_gga Lac, what up Caddy?
My n_gga Jimi Hendrix, one of the best
Lloyd, what happenin' n_gga? We been killin' 'em this year,
My n_gga Gutter, B Gizzy, Ashanti, what up baby girl?
C. Gotti what up? My n_gga Phanter
My Leg Rock family, Jeff Don. All my Hollywood n_ggaz
All my n_ggaz, my n_gga Nicholas, my n_gga Todd
Short man, Santana the God
Wanna give a special shout to the woman who made me
Made all this possible, Debra, my moms
And the woman who made her, Mary, I love y'all
And I know y'all love me too, Rule

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