Survival of the Illest 2 Intro - Ja Rule

Yo, yo, let it go n_gga!
What, n_ggas wanna motherf_ckin play games?
What? F_ckin faggot, we gon play games n_gga
Yeah, Ja Rule, yeah it's Def Jam n_gga
Uh, it's top dog motherf_cker

[Verse 1]
How many n_ggas, gon chop the blow?
How many b_tches, gonna L-O, get naked for dough?
Uh, so many questions, y'all answer this
What's your hustle? And who the f_ck you represent?
When you got in the game? And where was I when you was playin?
Why the love lost? Remember son, you got put on
Like (..?..) had you layin, flippin heron
When you got greedy, I let em know to remain calm
Who you are's on the strength of my arm, and I believe
You wouldn't deceive top dog supreme team
How and why would you try to f_ck us? On the real
When and where was you goin with all a that fish tail?
N_gga when you was wack and broke who boost sales?
Who purchased the L for you to roll with chrome wheels?
Can you believe the inconsideracy of some cats?
You give em a deal, they want plaques
Now if I'm wack, would I be wrong? I'm just askin
Cuz when I bag em I'm a make him breath through the plastic

F_ckin faggot! Yeah, Ja Rule n_gga, Ja Rule, yeah

[Verse 2]
Ja's in a stand still, cuz n_ggas fail to realize
This killer instinct in my eyes, ain't to be tried
Nor denied, the fact that I sat back and watched a lotta wack
n_ggas earn plaques
Congratulations, I ain't hatin
Just know my LP's in the makin
Currently waitin to holla at the nation
This world ain't ready for me
My personal thought and questions
The Gods study lessons while the weak count they blessings
Cuz money's a must, not a preference
Use my resume as a reference and gain all acceptance
You wonder why, I, disease like cancer
Cuz you ask the questions I got answers, beeyatch

Yeah, it's Def Jam n_ggas, recognize
F_ck, n_ggas ain't playin no games
All my n_ggas, Kev Louds, Keyser Soze
Haha, yeah, uh, yo, can't forget my n_gga
Chris Lighty, Irv Gotti
We out, f_ck y'all n_ggas
Survival of the Illest beeyatch
Rocafella, hahaha
Ahhaha, yeah, y'all n_ggas thought it was through?
Volume 2, Survival of the Illest, Def Jam n_ggas
DMX, It's Dark and Hell is motherf_ckin Hot, in stores now
Onyx, Shut Em Down, in stores now
Def Squad, El Nino, in stores Junes 30th
It's Survival of the Illest mu'f_ckas
Volume 2, thought you knew
Baby we kill em all

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