Thing's Gon' Change - Ja Rule

[Verse 1: Ja Rule]
First off the snitch and that identity he claim
F_ck Dre partial, and emineim
Plus the world heard it before, they tired of them
And they waiting for that thug sh_t from Rule' again
And Proof can bomb Proof your hummer then
Put a vest on yourself and your chilld-ren
Teacher be scared of death of them muderin'
N_ggaz that like to put holes through chins'
In case y'all don't know about my savages
They'll kidnap you kid's, put em over a bridge
Got em'reminiscing to N-O-T-O-R-I-O-U-S
you just lay down slow
I blaze out in the six while letting the fifth go
I think "Big" as if I was wanted on deathrow
We tha world famous, murder inc we infamious
Fo' making bangers, and bangin' hammers sh_t

[Chorus - Ja Rule And Black Child]
[Ja] Thing's Gon' Change
[Black] I ain't gonna lie when the heat wave high everbody gotta die
[Ja] Thing's Gon' Change
[Black] You better believe it, we stoppin' n_ggaz from breathin, poppin n_ggaz then leavin'
[Ja] Thing's Gon' Change
[Black] One way or another, we gangsta's from the gutta, we shot ya then cut cha'
[Ja] Thing's Gon' Change
[Black] Ja, you ain't never lie when the heat wave high everybody gotta die

[Verse 2: Black Child]
As I sit back relax, cuttin' crack loadin' gats
I think about these sexy rappers that I wanna clap
I'll probably go to jail fo' sending "50" to hell
If I lay banks down yayo going down
Fatal' will help him write his raps in brown
Black Child is Black now, Rule is crack sells
"IG" n_gga the boss of all bosses
making money off music, murder, and torture
Who got what it cost for a coffin
N_gga you a dead man walking, this is extortion
We organized crime everybody's crying
While all of ya'll dying when the ian's stary flyin'
Down the public, wanna polly about peace
Well f_ck peace cause this n_gga half police
And Black child is half man half beast
And I'm a give all ya'll n_ggaz a half a clip a piece


[Verse 3: Young Merc]
It's time to address the public
n_ggaz is frontin like when we see them we ain't dumpin'
Shot's tryin lay something down, homie it's nothin'
When you dealin' with real gangstas
that a pop and erase ya, my dog's ain't playin man
Whenever we see you we leaving you there
And ain't no aftermath when our shot's flare
N_gga we get it poppin' bang like crip's and blood's
And ain't sh_t change
I still keep a bandana and pack gun's n_gga

[Verse 4: D.O. Cannons]
You better watch you mouth, fo' I rip yo face off
And everybody you with gonna jet the f_ck off
You's ain't gansta, you sweet as ducksauce
D' plays no games, pop the f_ck off
O' you want war, everybody gonna get clipped the f_ck off
everybody know you block is buzzed off
We got big ball's, pay off ten fo' walk with the fifth ball
Bangin on Crenshaw

[Chorus X2]

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