Where I'm from - Ja Rule

(N_gga..F_ck is you talking bout?) Lloyd: (coming from where I'm from, where I'm from, Oooh uhhh yeaah.

Ja Rule: Kids get killed in ghettos, shot up over the car mellows, while their mommas at home tears hittin the pillow, Revrend in the middle of the sermon at the funeral shed a tear cuz he lost a son the same way a year ago. Its the same evil spiritual, we thuggin in harmony they say death brings life air exchange to robbery, If i'm wrong a part of me I'm just tired of poverty Why them n_ggas in the hood never hit the lottery? unless they go lottery first round in the draft, they'll be dustin off them rounds then slippin mac then slip on the mask, then go out and mash, and we call it feeding our families y'all call it Huh Huh Huh, how I could just kill a man, watch his blood flow like a river then rinse his blood off my hands, if you hearin me speak please lord give me a chance and forgive for my sins cuz we cleansed where I'm from....

Chorus: Me and my n_ggas ride even when the sun don't shine and its cold outside, and never running to hide cuz some n_ggas hate it but i can't be fathing cuz I've done made it.

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