Ordinary Girl - Jackson Mendoza

Valentino, no class
A night with Romeo ain't gonna last
Prince Charming, too slick
That sugar daddy's gonna make me sick

Boy racer, fast car
Riding that ain't gonna get you far, no
Cash talking, that s**ks
Twenty billion dollars don't impress me much

Don't want no big shot man, high class design
My ordinary boy just makes me fine

* I'm just an ordinary girl, you're my ordinary boy
And together we got something special
I'm just an ordinary girl, ordinarily just fine
'Cause I know my extra ordinary boy is mine

Your diamonds, gold rings
Don't waste my time with those elaborate things
You can't buy me, it's too much
My ordinary boy has got the midas touch

No rocket scientist man, is gonna blow my mind
My ordinary boy just makes me fine

[Repeat *]

Ordinary girl, ordinary girl

I don't want to be a mighty godness just like Aphrodite
All I wanna be is just an (ordinary girl)
I don't wanna look like Mona Lisa
With my hair like a Madusa 'cause I used'a
I'm just an (ordinary girl)

I don't wanna a Valentino, Romeo or DiCaprio
'Cause I can do without them, I'm an (ordinary girl)
It's clearly plain to see that it's an ordinary boy for me
I'm as happy as can be, yeah
I'm an ordinary girl

[Repeat *]

Ordinary girl, ordinary girl

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