F*****' or What? - Jadakiss

What's up ma? Is we f_ckin' or what?
Haha, trying to say something tonight baby
I know everybody ask their chick this question
In the house, in the club, in the car, outside, everywhere

(Chorus 2x)
All my stripclub honeys is we f_ckin' or what?
All my eat-pill honeys is we f_ckin' or what?
All my hoodrat honeys is we f_ckin' or what?
I just wanna know one thing, is we f_ckin' or what?

Ain't no need in buying a drink or holding a convo
If you ain't coming back to the condo
It's damn near 4 in the morning ain't sh_t to discuss
Til you ask which d_ck do you s_ck
I'm trying to f_ck til it's light outside
You feel the same? Get your coat get your friends
The truck right outside
Listen ma I wanna ball out
So when I nut I expect you to s_ck it all out
And let my man tear your walls out
Cause he just came home and he need p_ssy to fall out
I get it crump ask the fellow players
Kiss hit more hoes than they list in the yellow pages
It's never to cuff 'em share 'em right after I f_ck 'em
To come clean I'm a mellow gangster
Pass a chick like a baton runner to runner
Been through a million thongs from summer to summer
So you'll never see J stressed they always say yes
Everynight dog I be bustin a nut
I just can't stop gettin' the b_tt
And the only thing I ask girlfriend is we f_ckin' or what?

(Chorus 2x)

Look if you don't like men be out
And if it's all good and you got a girlfriend then we out
Please don't hit me with the two worse lines
How you don't be doing this or this is your first time
Listen we all grown b_tch you came here on your own b_tch
I leave them lawsuits alone b_tch
She try to tell me she model
I told her me too you ain't saying nothing slick s_ck it and swallow
I just wanna hit you from the back and watch the Apollo
And if the p_ssys all that I might holla tomorrow
But you acting like a rabbit how you cling to the carrots
It ain't the bling it's the n_gga ma get it and stash it
Caught a coy, caught a flashback check this out
Bring your girlfriend in the room shorty and lick her asscrack
And even though your toungue stuck in her b_tt
The only thing I wanna know is we f_ckin' or what?

(Chorus 4x)

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