I'm a Gangsta - Jadakiss

HOOK 2X: Jadakiss and Parle
I'm a gangsta
Yeah, motherf_cker
I'm a thug
Uh, please believe
I'm a pimp girl
C'mon, let's go
and I'm a hustler, a hustler
do it, do it, do it...

[Verse 1]
Yo, I'm a gangsta, cuz I do gangsta sh_t
matter fact from now on call me gangsta Kiss
you already know I handle my business
slay you then your man before the first candle's finished
feel good when I walk through the hood
best part is, I don't gotta flow I just talk to the hood
and I do alotta readin, and only eat pasta
shrimp fettucini, and pine a la vaca
came here talkin slick, all that real sh_t
that's why I'm somethin to deal wit
even though I wanted Gore to win
I can f_ck with Bush though, cuz he gon let the raw come in
bigger the boss, bigger the picture
bullets is bisexual, cuz they hit n_ggas and b_tches
in a Deville with dubs in the back on a cell phone riffin
I'm all of the above just listen


[Verse 2]
Yo, I'm a thug so I blow on weed
get money like it grow on trees
have all these hoes roll on E
some of my n_ggas even stole on D's
work 12 hour shifts, just gimme the word
I get 12 cowards hit, never givin a f_ck
18's on the Coupe, deuce O's on the truck
tell P hold the hammer while I handle the dice
shoot him in his bandanna he aint gamblin right
I need a 360 Medina, charcoal gray
treat my guns like my dogs, let 'em bark all day
in a three floor condo with the spiral stairs
made it past the front desk, then the rifle's here
I'm the motherf_ckin big shot, I get down
wit a 17, 16, 10 and a six shot
f_ck with Kiss get your wig rocked
and if you're smart you'll bounce when my motherf_ckin sh_t drop


[Verse 3]
Yo, I'm a pimp girl
catch me at the bar with a bottle of Cuervo
mami's rubbin my webo
and this is what got me the ass
honey said her drink was hot so I put my watch in her glass
then she aint even wanna get breakfast
she just wanna hop right up in the truck and get reckless
top from the club all the way to the exit
ask me her name, couldn't tell you if I guessed it
my b_tches don't know nothing, don't say nothing
and they pay for everything, I don't pay nothing
I'm a white tee pimp, fresh headband
dirty denim, Timbaland, or a Nike pimp
I like to eat shrimp, and I don't keep a broad long enough to love 'em
now dog that's some deep sh_t
cuz I don't believe in hoes explorin
no matter how bad you are you gone in the mornin


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