Jay Jerkin' (Skit) - Jadakiss

Yo it's jay-da-kisssssssssssss
An another one
Uh huh
Jus' bring it to em'
Eh yo what up ma?

[Latin woman:]
Aya poppy, give it to me baby
[Jerking noises]

] ahhhhh, ahhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhh!

[Door opens]

N_gga what the f_ck u doin!

Na yo what up, na it ain't like that homie

What tha f_ck u mean it ain't like that?

That's what the f_ck I mean nig

Yo yo yo yo
Emcee's catch cold feet when I hold heat
Creap to a low beat and kay slay like street sweep
Albums of 2000 poundin' muthaf_ckas like no more public housin'
Jada levelin' n_ggas to the groundin'
Buckin' in your spouse'n
Bringin' drama like osama and breakin' up thousands
F_ck the game
The game wants us
We clip so hard souls of our enemy's taunt us
To pull more triggers f_ckit
I grab my gunz and buck'it
Like nas u gotta love'it when I touch it
On the mic jada flow toughest
Remember that

[Girls singing:]
Jada jada jada kiss
Where have u been and what is this?
How many times have I told ya I'm not ya b_tch
If u like flirting with death, then here, go slit your wrists

B_tch, f_ck you.

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