Shop Talk (Skit) - Jadakiss

Man - K, what's up man, what's good, what's goin' on
Jada - Coolin' my n_ggas, sellin' yayay, you next my n_gga, top five dead or alive
Man - That's where it come from, the underground baby. Raw spitters came from the underground man
Jada - K it's a new wave out here family. Nobody wanna hear them bars and that 90's sh_t man. It's over man
Man - Oh so these tight pants, dresses, these blouses
Jada - Nah, you can't just do off of bars, that sh_t ain't gonna work no more. It ain't about bars no more, that sh_t is out the f_ckin' window. It's some dancin'
Man - I know what it is, can I say something please? I know what it is, all my life you've been hatin' on me. Because my waves is better than yours, (?) my line up n_gga

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