Heaing - Jagged Edge

First time in my life I got a
Real woman who don't scream, she don't need no drama.
All she needs is some lovin' and you know I gotta
Make my baby happy, Cause I want her to be happy.
And I'ma make this night so special
Treat her good cause in the past I done learned my lesson
Hope she got her body good and ready for the session
Cause I'm feelin that she's ready
And I hope she's ready

Are you ready for a night like this?
Do you think that you can handle what I gotta give?
Don't tell me it ain't steady
Are you holdin back?
Just tell me what ya feeling
Cause I got the healing.
(repeat chorus)
Are you ready?

And though my job takes me away
I know you're keeping papa's thang safe and locked away
Cause can't nobody do ya body girl this kinda way
Raise ya hands if you feel me
Girl I know you feel me
The first chance I get I'm on the plane
cuz I can't stand to see my baby left alone again
Times a wastin', I can't live just like a simple man
chillin with my baby,
chillin with my baby

(repeat chorus)
Are you ready?

Are you
Ready for me to show you
The things that I can do for you?
Tell me are you ready?
Are you ready?
Are you ready?
repeat chorus to fade

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