Shady Girl - Jagged Edge

I don't like wasting my time
I know i'm young but i can do better with mine
Cuz i just want it to make sense fo me, don't have me giving all of me
when you know,
You ain't tryin to do the right thing (ooohhh)
Cuz i just wanted to be for you (for you)
But you just wasn't for me, baby
And you gave me every good reason in the world, to leave you alone

Such a shady girl (shady girl)
Used to love everything about you till you change my world (change my world)
Though i had a dime, you would have lost your mind your a crazy girl (crazy girl)
Don't expect much
Gotta respect my crazy girl (crazy girl)
Shady girl

See i can't keep asking you why
Seems to me that you've just made up your mind
Hopefully one day you see that life ain't just fun and games and maybe
Gotta try to love some, love somebody else (ooohhh)
I just try to be for you (ooohhh)
But you just wasn't for me (babe)
I just try to be there for you (ooohhh)
But you left me so cold


(Somebody let me know)

Someone tell me
Tell me why we (why we)
Always fighting (always fighting)
And disrespecting (disrespecting)
Thought i knew you (thought i knew you)
Now i see (now i see)
For all that your worth
Your a shady shady girl


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