Beware of The Dog - Jamelia

Oh Oh Oh Oh Yeah [x4]

You know how much you wan' it,
You try to be cool about it,
You try to be big about it.
You're constantly, just, denying,
You're like a moth to a flame,
You hardly wait,
'Cos I know what I'm saying,
He's tryin to catch you in it,
And then he can back you in it.
He's just another girl addict.
And if you give it away,
You gotta be crazy, crazy...

You better shake him off,
Before he gets ya,
(he's comin' to get ya, he's comin' to get ya)
He'll only build you up,
And then forget ya,
He's dirty to the bone,
Beware of the dog.

Well I was damn near addicted,
I got into trouble with him,
I got in a bubble with him.
Where everything was just as he wanted,
Oh but then I got wise,
I got outta sight,
So take my advice...

[Chorus x2]

I know you hear me,
(I know you hear me, I know you hear me ah ah)
You better reach out and touch me.
(You better reach out)


Beware Of The Dog
Beware Of The Dog
[to fade]

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