Intuition Interlude - Jamie Foxx

Shorty like a precious jewl
I´ll take care of you
You can put your heart right in my hands Oh
baby youre like the rarest flower
I´ll make sure you bloom
Baby just imagine if Iwash ur man Oh
baby I pray to you
Breakfast in the bed and every night I´d sing to you
No matter what it is before you
sleep I´ll have you saying
Ooh, how did he know just what to do
Like a radio I´m tuned into your soul
Oooh oh if, if it was up to me
You know I´d fill you up with love
and make it flow like water
Stars at the sky, I´ll place 'm in your eye
Oooh since I was a young player
talking to the ladies I just know
it´s just my intuition
(I know what you like, shorty how you like it)
I know if it possess you
I know what you feel, you can´t even fight it
it´s just my intuition
I know your every wish
Shorty let me in your life and watch me put it down

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