Mary Mary Quite Contrary - Jamie Foxx

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary
How does your garden grow
girl i bet cha i could wet cha
really nice and slow
but one day Mary she got tired
and left me on my own
I wonder if Mary knows
that im all alone
i started goin out my mind
each and every day girl
tryna fight this lonleyness in a different way
cuz deep within my heart was empty
and without a plea
i looked up and saw Mary's face
comin to rescue me
now Marys mine and i love her all the time
thinkin of her one of a kind
you'll discover divine
there is none other Mary's mine
Drives me crazy cuz shes my baby
Mary, Mary quite contrary
how does your garden grow
Mary and Jamie in a tree
first came love then came marriage
Mary with a baby carriage a baby
Jamie Jr. was his name
wanted to be like his old man
that was his claim to fame
a baby my love my love
Mary, Mary quite contrary
how does your garden grooooooooooooooooooooooooow

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