Here's Ya Getaway - Jamie T

Bye bye baby ill cya later
Bye bye baby ill cya later
My man looks like the old Shakin' Stevens
He says I resemble like the old Steptoe
He sits down slow but quick sniff up the blow
Reminisce about beans and how we all do grow
And the good man says bloody feel like leaving
But hes lean again forgotten what I already know
Made enough money shottin' bobby bills and po
He spent it all quick sniffin' up on the blow

Hard for your playin no smoking on the night bus
No sh_t Holmes with your big boy Sherlock
The man got chickenpox at 23
If you go down the docks you better take all of your money money money money
It ain't no dunny, it's a toilet
Great grandaddy, got sent there
So go back home
Stop cloggin' up pubs with your bullsh_t talkin'
And the nightbuses that complain at us
Peeps call us right-wing but we're pretty f_cking liberal
I sh_t you, you not cos we're all for the equal
And yes J, I agree the first Predator is much better than the sequel
No question, the second one's feeble
Kids with skids, and coughing up dust
Yeah I'm waiting man, I cuss, must, and man
Now bike chain broken, now that too much rust
And people slowly stepping in ways trying to cuss us

Here's ya getaway
I ain't gonna try to cry
Hard for your playin no smoking on the night bus
And so I must say

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