Ike & Tina - Jamie T

If you smile girl i swear i'll dance these tiles
I'll give you everything that i got
Save on a sovereign and ah what f_ck it you can have the whole lot
I'm only like joking, i'm much better off win a gamble slot jackpot
And dance with the devil on Friday
Max says beans are like the touch of God
Why not, I haven't got grief 'til Monday

Some say kids don't study - they cram
God damn hate that i am what i am
With slkurs and urs and a half done gram
I jig to the floor with my mama's Raybans
Looking like something out of Only Fools and
Maybe i am but you ain't understanding
This ain't a crash no smooth up landing
Kids sing along swing bedroom hanging

We're stunned and stuff alleyway writing
Double timing and all your violating
Oh policeman coming fair enough

Sonny run the whole half mile
Runny runny run the half mile
Run run sonny run sonny run the whole half mile

Now i'm down, well i'll chill with lick i spit drips on the floor
Drink up liquor much quicker than the next man bitter
Cos she rolls with larger and never asks questions
Where's my old friend licky when i'm feeling the substance
I'm like gurning it off a my face
Need a hug need corruption and need the silent violent seduction
Move it down for people i used to know when i used to see
Wanna kick it on a solo ticker drink me like liquor drop and mc and that
She don't know what she's chating about
They love it when they live it and liver lover give rip it unwritten
There she start kissing and I'm loving loving loving she's always hugging
I'm just loving loving

So if you're gonna run run sonny better
Run run sonny run the half of the mile
When police come run run sonny run run
Sonny run the half of the mile

All the kids do is buy you grief
All the parents get is no f_cking sleep
Even rip home when i'm chilling on
Drink it down doing I ta bit better off and on
Songs of the rights and wrongs
Sometimes come around with a battle roll going
Other times you be running rhymes and ruinging
Vision and ruin incision and ruining spitting liquor on me
Got me feeling up ya leaving up me breathing on th floor
As i be giving you grieving
I'm finished with the c**ts
Over and out, cuz ready up roll

Here's to born of enough panic, panic b_tton and
Stack tone static and all of you can listen to this tune
While you waiting in STD clinic waiting rooms
As you ever your mother said you late bloom.

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