Slow Divers - Jane's Addiction

she said
do you think you could
and I said
in a second
I'm sitting by a waterfall and when the people jump in
they hold their nose and kiss these walls
granite walls
water-polished walls
just don't ever want to move from this spot
you can sit here for so long!
there's a slide
you can live or die
going down
going down
go down!
boy came to the side
I said
"you want to go down that slide?"
he said
"no man
hey you got a joint to sell me?"
we just smoked one
we got a roach we said
"I'll smoke the roach!"
but first go down that slide man
go on down
go on down
go on down!
I'm sitting by a waterfall...
could bear to watch the people slip and fall
you know the plants on the rocks are crazy
thinking that they could start a life
on the spiral walls of a waterfall!
slow divers?
their view is spectacular!

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