Splash a Little Water on It - Jane's Addiction

Oh I have to tip-toe around so is not to make a loud sound - Ohh
Oh what you put her through look at her tryin' not to wake-up the girl -
What was she thinkin' tryin' to keep up with you
every hell that you have -
It's cause she loves you so, don't tell her she not lookin' so good - Ohh

Just, splash a little water on it, see what you're working with
Splash a little water on it, and see what comes alive
Last night oh-oh it almost all went up in smoke
You cannot choke without them knowing
You keep on going

We been drinkin' and smoking til 4 - 5 or 6 in the morning - Oh
I take a splash of water to bring me around and get going - Oh
You gotta treat her like a flower, man, women need time to recover - oh
I flex at my reflection heading into the town a great hunter - yeah

I didn't want to wake you up, it's over there
I left some water in the cup, on the stand
I'll call you later, I just don't know when
Will this remind you of your man? Forever...

Splash a little water on it...

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