Gentle Boy - Jawny

Tender and amiable of a considerate or kindly disposition
Soft and mild rather than hard or severe
Docile and easily managed

Let's go driving on a Sunday baby
(?) a lot of things that drive you crazy
One things for certain and (?)
Cuz I'm a gentle boy

I'm a gentle boy (x4)

Hey it's Elliot
I don't really get (?)
I hope we can do it again soon and uh
Well anyways, I hope everything goes well with your big moves
Silly, making big moves
Uh, I uh, I figure I'm gonna stay here in Maryland for a lil' bit longer
But uh anyways I uh hope to visit you again soon
Maybe get dinner again
The a la (?) hah
Alright I'm not gonna keep you much longer but, I haha, Iove you

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