If I Ain't Got You - Jay Sean

It doesn't matter if I aint got you,

If I aint got you [x4]

Hey pretty baby, you got me goin crazy
Im down when I aint got you
Cuz baby girl you do it for me
Wont you put it on me
I love the little things you do

So you can spend all you wanna,
Dulce and cabona
I would buy the world for you

So I break it down
If your not around
It doesnt matter if I aint got you

All the diamonds and the pearls
And the money in the world means nothing
If I aint got you
And all the watches and the rings
And all the shiny things
Means nothing if I aint got you

If I aint got you youuuuuuuu [x4]

Yo, I had a villa in monilla
A home in rome
Didn't matter cuz I didn't have you
Had an apartment in the sky
Summers in Dubai
Didn't matter cuz I didn't have you

I used to spend all I wanted
dulce and cabona
But I would trade it all for you
Together had it all
But now that you my all
No that nothing matters without you


Watch sites without you
A house with you
They don't mean nothing if im without you its true
Nothing it matters
Girl more than you do
And my love feels brand new
Every minute every time that your with me
No that time girl I hope that you still be
Cuz all I need in this world is you and me

Cuz baby


If I aint got you then I aint got nothing
Said I aint got nothing
So hush little baby don't say a thing
Daddys gonna buy you a diamond ring
And if that diamond ring don't shine
Then daddys gonna buy you the whole damn bind.

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