Call Me Guilty - Jazmine Sullivan

[Jazmine:] Mom
[Mom:] What's the matter Jaz?
[Jazmine:] He did it again. He hit me.
[Mom:] He did what? Calm down ok. Calm down.
[Jazmine:] I'm a kill him
[Mom:] Listen to me
[Jazmine:] I'm a kill him. I know I'm a kill him.
[Mom:] Listen to me. Get your stuff and come home.
[Jazmine:] I can't come home. I'm a kill him. I'm a do it.

I'm sitting contemplating
Is it worth it, should I take it
Take that shot and change my life
Get that glock and take his life
Hospitals and bloody noses
This would end all, I suppose
That I could leave. Knowing I can't leave
So it's either him or me
Cause hes gon' kill me if I stay I know
Hes gon' kill me, he can't change I know
From the first time that he did it
Made a promise that he'd quit it
It's gotten so much worse
Don't wanna end up in a hearse
I guess I gotta do it first
Guess I gotta do it first

I cant go back now, back now, I'm runnin'
No where to go cops, I hear them comin'
But if they catch me I still ain't sorry
If that was wrong just call me guilty
Cause if you knew what he did to me
I know I would get your sympathy
So if they catch me I still ain't sorry
Just lock me up and call me guilty

[Verse 2]
I did it, pulled the trigger
It wasn't so hard to figure
Before I did it I said
"This was for all the blood I shed"
For all the women who've gone through this sh_t
Can't think of what to do (this sh_t)
Done tore em up inside and out
Whose still trynna get out
He's gon' kill you if you stay I know
I've been through this so yes I know
I know he promised that he'd quit it
If you believe him, girl forget it (sh_t)
You know I'm right
Don't wanna see him take your life
And it will only just get worse
That's why I had to do it first


[Verse 3]
There's so much blood
I grab my stuff
But before I could leave
The cops busted in
"You have the right to remain silent"
No, I have the right to stay alive
But guess what, I'd do it again
He woulda killed me
Before I killed him
It woulda been him up in this building
It woulda been him faking tears
But what's funny is that I'm the one standing here


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