Already - Jeremih

I ain't even gotta call her she sweating me already
I ain't even gotta ask for it she letting me already
Anything you've done, done did it already
[?] done did it already

[Verse 1:]
I ain' even gotta call her cause she sweating me already
If you know a thing about her she letting me already
Ask for it get it already
Shorty let me hit it already
Tell 'em bring more bottles they thirsty already
Party don't get started 'til my posse all ready
N_ggas know I'mma kill it already
I got twenty bad b_tches they all ready

Thumbing through it I'm checking
Ya you know we still buy them women
You rolling up and get to checking
By them b_tches getting naked in here
And they blowing strong and they going in already
And I'm off and I'm going with 'em already


[Verse 2:]
I ain't even gotta call her cause she sweating me already
Wonder what I'm gonna call her when she flexing with a n_gga
Youngin' been rich already
Lookin' like I just hit a lick already
I ain't even got to buy them I copped them already
Got them already rocked them already
Ya I'm stunting, been getting it already
Catch me around a bunch of real n_ggas they all ready



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